Living Life or Waiting to Die

About the film & director

Living Life or Waiting to Die offers a unique and comedically driven perspective into modern life and what happens when "the routine" gets to us, when life seems like a song stuck on repeat where one day looks like the next. The main theme is identity, which is examined from both an individual's perspective and societal. Much like the characters in his film director Bojan Dulabic has dealt with the topic of identity crisis and what it means to follow one's passion vs. playing it safe. Who am I? What am I doing with my life? The quintessential and perhaps most basic questions we all ask ourselves. Questions that have defined Bojan's childhood and early adult life. Born in a small village in war torn Bosnia and being forced to leave his home at the age of seven Bojan spent half of his childhood and early teenage years living in Germany, Croatia and Canada. These experiences offered him on one hand a unique perspective on life and insight into different societies but on the other hand also a great amount of confusion and made his quest for identity at times seem impossible to reach. Much like the main characters in the film, growing up between different societies, Bojan has many times felt like an alien trying to understand his surroundings, always playing catch up trying to find his place. Like the character of Jason, Bojan ultimately found comfort in storytelling, the visual medium of film offered him the opportunity to tell stories of the human condition from his perspective. It is a perspective that is on one hand familiar to many but in many ways askew by his unique experiences. Bojan's philosophy is very simple and it serves as the prime story telling device. It comes down to two questions; are you living life by following your passion or are you letting life pass you by and are essentially waiting to die?